How do you use Codespaces IDE in your machine?

Docker Installation

We assume that you have installed Docker-Engine and Docker-Compose in your machine. If not, please follow the below mentioned references to get started with Docker and Docker-Compose. * Docker-Engine Installation Tutorial * Docker-Compose Installation Tutorial

Start Codespaces IDE

After installing Docker-Engine and Docker-Compose, change directory into the corresponding tool you want to learn. For example, let us assume that you want to learn puppet. In that case,

cd cs-xxx where xxx is the codespace you are setting up.


cd cs-ansible cd cs-chef-ci cd cs-puppet-ci

Then all you need to do is to run

docker-compose up -d

This single command will initialize your Codespaces IDE.

Use Codespaces IDE

To use Codespaces IDE,

  • Open your browser.
  • Visit your machine's IP with port 8000. (Ex.
  • You will be asked for your e-mail address. Enter it and you are good to go.


  • Now you will be presented with the Codespaces IDE console.


Resetting a Node

Since this is a docker based environment, its easy to rest a node. To do that, follow this process,

  • Find out the name of the node from docker-compose.yml


control: image: codespaces/ansible-control:v0.4.0 ports: - "8000:8000" volumes: - ./code:/workspace networks: custom: ipv4_address: dns: domainname: hostname: control restart: always lb: image: codespaces/ansible-node-centos-6:v0.3.6 ports: - "80:80" networks: custom: ipv4_address: dns: domainname: hostname: lb restart: always

In the above snippet of node, there are two nodes viz control and lb

You could alternately use the following command to find the node name

docker-compose ps

  • Once you decide which node you are resetting, run the following command to redo it. I am taking an example of a node by name lb

docker-compose stop lb docker-compose rm lb docker-compose up -d lb

Replace the name of actual node with lb. That should help you redo the node.

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